Potential Topics

This is a page for me to keep track of topics I’d like to cover, and for you to suggest any topics you’d like me to cover. Hit me up with suggestions for topics, or vote on topics I’ve already got up so I know which ones I should try and address first.


  • The Bill of Rights
  • Drug laws
  • Taxes
  • The Military
  • Police
  • Terrorist Watch List
  • Profits
  • Democracy
  • Nullification

2 thoughts on “Potential Topics”

  1. The Federal Government has much non numerated leverage over us because of a unaware citizenry. I believe this to be by design. If you are unaware of US constitutional history (left out of school curriculum) you simply are un aware of the diminishing liberties we have experienced. I call this Administrative momentum. It simply is not yours if you do not know you have it. For the few that are aware and or perhaps have experienced run ins with the Government, Nullification would be a great topic.

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