The American People are Their Own Solution

A lot of politicians lately have taken a very negative view about the state of American affairs. They like to claim that there are numerous threats to the welfare and well-being of every citizen of this country, and that their plans alone will protect you and your family. I would like to share with you why I am a lot more optimistic about the future of the country, no matter who gets elected this November, and why I believe the American people will be the ones to solve their own problems.

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Are Profits Good or Bad

I’ve been busy getting settled in to my new job in a new place lately, so sorry to anybody who’s been wondering why I haven’t been posting. I feel like I’m finally getting caught up, so I wanted to tackle one of the topics on my list. Let’s try and talk about what profits are, and whether they should be considered good or bad. Continue reading “Are Profits Good or Bad”

Is Anarchy Libertarian

I was pointed to an article that I just couldn’t let go by. The article is “Dear Tom Woods, Murray Rothbard Did Indeed Suck”. Normally I try to have an open mind, and hear people out when they try to criticize people and their ideas. With a bold title like that, maybe he really does have some keen insight that is worth considering. So I read it. Tom Woods is fully capable of defending himself, and the writings of such a key figure in the liberty movement generally stand on their own merits, but I felt like it might at least be a good exercise to respond to this article. Continue reading “Is Anarchy Libertarian”